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You don't receive our confirmation email. why ?

ISPs and Web-based mail services (ex., Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail) use filters to keep spam out of your inbox. Sometimes they accidentally filter our e-mail.

If you are using Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, or Other Web-based Mail, check your Bulk, Junk or Spam folder . If you find an e-mail there from "Parking Paris 19" or "Parking Paris 13" or "Parking 2000" click to indicate that it is not bulk, junk or spam. The same type of process works for all major Web-based e-mail services (ex., AOL's).

Click the Options link on the main menu tabs, then Safe List. Add our address to the Safe List. Or Click Mail Options > Filters > Add Filter and add our address. Or ....

To receive E-mail that you have missed... send us an e-mail to infos@parking2000.com . Please tell us which e-mail you did not get, your first and last names, another e-mail address that we should now send to. We will re-send your e-mail.